Grant for Stem Cell Research!!!

13 Feb 2013

Research in the field of Stem cell therapy is the need of the hour. Researchers in the Asian countries have been exploring the role of SCT in autism. The Western nations have in recent times begun extensive research and trials. A five-year $2.125 million grant from the New Jersey Governor’s Council for Medical Research and Treatment of Autism is yet another step towards progress in this area. The project is to explore induced pluripotent stem cells that may be used to piece together the genetic pathways of autism. The research team is headed by James H. Millonig, PhD, associate professor of neuroscience and cell biology at the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey-Robert Wood Johnson Medical School. The project is being conducted as part of the Robert Wood Johnson Medical School New Jersey Autism Center of Excellence (NJ ACE). Large research projects such as these require grants for successful completion. Read more about this by visiting the link below.

- Dr Anjana Nagrajan

Occupational Therapist


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